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I am an Interior Designer and Architect with a love of creating new living and working environments.  This has always been my life's passion.  As far back as I can remember my eye has been drawn to how colors and objects has the ability to create a vibrant and elegant world. 
My work is very detailed oriented. Giving emphasis to color, room scale, art work, and all other aspects of residential and commercial design.  All my design ideas are specifically developed for each individual client.
My goal is to create vibrant  energy in each project I do. Every design that I create inspires me for my next design project.
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Interior Design and Architect
     Francois J. Interiors

Francois is a world renowned Interior Designer and Architect with a love of creating new living and working environment. He has a keen eye for combining color, art and objects together to achieve amazing and creative design. His personal touch is admired by his clients from all over the world.

Enter a world of extraordinary style...

Your complete interior design destination. My Goal is your Goal.. The staff at Francois J Interiors is genuinely interested in creating an award winning space for each and every client we serve. Whether we are designing an entire home or commercial space,or just a single room, we know our name is going on the final product; and when your friends and business associates ask when they first visit your space, we want them to be impressed as you are. We want to turn your home into a showpiece that has elements that you have not seen at your friends homes or offices, this unsettled nature is how Francois Jawahri has become such as incredible designer and perfectionist is his design. We look forward to serving you!
Francois J Interiors email is:                                

Telephone: ( 215 ) 782 - 1559
                   ( 267 ) 847 - 4295


​I am a detailed oriented interior designer and architect with an excellent eye for color and room layout. I have a unique ability to design with any type of style including Contemporary, Traditional, Modern, Eclectic, Country, Art Deco, as well as many other.

Honor and Awards

. Featured in Furniture World
. Earned Top Sales Designer
. Recognized as the Top Designer in the Region, Architectural Digest 
. Profiled in both House and Garden & Philadelphia Magazine. 


Francois redesigned our home so beautifully that it is constantly admired by all our friends visiting us. His kindness and compassion is truly exceptional and appreciated.  

                                                                                                                          Dr. Manssor Madani  

​- We can't say enough about Francois. His attention to  detail is unprecedented. His knowledge of Color, Design, Contrast and style can not be matched. We are extremely happy with the result.  

He is a very dedicated guy. I was never into interior design, but this guy impressed me. He even got me interested in the design. He is doing a great job.

                                                                                                                          Bunnie & Norb Fuchs 

​- Francois’s work ethics are commendable. He was always  professional, pleasant, courteous, warm and friendly. This made collaborating with him very easy and enjoyable. I have been very happy with his design services and highly recommend him and his expertise which I can only describe  as fabulous. He surely will not disappoint you.                                                                     

                                                                                                                          Eloise Vaughn

​- Francois is very energetic and imaginative. He helped us with beautiful, if pricey, selections, and the result is magnificent. I would definitely use him again. Left alone he may get a little over the top, but he was very responsive to our needs and budget. The rooms he has designed are beautiful yet comfortable and have received many compliments

                                                                                                                         Dr. Arthur Fetzer- 

- Francois worked extensively with me in redecorating my living/dining room. Francois' attention to detail was a life saver.  He had excellent ideas and came up with the look I wanted.  He listens and incorporates your thoughts and styles into a working solution.  Francois was a part of the entire design from  the rugs, furniture, window treatments, and general décor to the end product,  Great work!
Thank you so much Francois, I really enjoined working with you. 

                                                                                                                         Josephine Pettinelli  

- Francois helped us complete our family room.  He helped us choose a beautiful fabric for our new chair and a half.  He also incorporated the new chair beautifully into our existing room by helping us with pillows and accessories to tie the whole look together.  We are thrilled with how it turned out!!  

The process was very smooth.  Francois knew how to figure out what we liked and had great ideas.  We love color and Francois is a pro at making rooms come to life through color.

                                                                                                                         Michael Malone

- Francois helped us furnish our living room and helped us decorate the living room and dining room (adjacent rooms) with a consistent look.

These two rooms turned out better than we could have imagined!  Absolutely beautiful!  Francois helped us pick out a beautiful couch, tables and recommended the most comfortable, gorgeous chairs.  He created beautiful accent pillows to go with the couch and chairs.  He recommended a darker paint color for an accent wall spanning these two rooms.  I was a bit apprehensive but knowing and trusting Francois' talent, we went for it.  

So glad we did it!!  It's gorgeous!!  Francois' service is awesome!  He came to our house after the painting was done and all the furniture arrived.  He placed everything for us.  Then the really fun part.  He went through decorative items we had for those rooms already and moved some accent pieces from other parts of the house to these rooms.  He hung pictures and artwork, placed accent pieces and filled our china cabinet in the most beautiful, chic way.  I felt like we were on a home decorator TV show!!  The rooms are amazing!  We love color.  As always, Francois infused color so beautifully into our rooms.  Francois is awesome!  We love his work.

                                                                                                                           Maria Malone

                     Let me be part of your dream to enlighten and enrich your lifestyle.

                               Thank you,


The Design World Of Francois

Francois has always been a passionate and competitive person, whether in education, sports or in his career. He constantly strives for perfection, no matter what the endeavor.
Although a career in interior design does have its glamorous aspects, and he admits to being blessed to be able to work with beautiful materials and designs, Francois maintains that it is hard work and discipline that make the difference between a good designer and a great designer.

He says the three most important skills that have brought him success in interior design are…being a good LISTENER….which leads to having a VISION that leads to a cohesive design concept….and being DETAIL ORIENTED, because executing a great design concept is all about dealing with thousands of little details that will make or break the end result.

“I love what I do! Sometimes I find myself working in the middle of the night on some little detail, or sending emails to subcontractors…..and asks, “What on earth are you doing?!” My answer is simply, I’m a designer; my brain never shuts off. I am living (in my head) inside my clients’ unbuilt structures while they are under construction…. analyzing, wondering what could be better, finding more beautiful ways to do little things, challenging myself to come up with better solutions. It’s always a work in process.”

And the reason he is so dedicated to his clients’ projects is because he have the honor of experiencing the unparalleled joy of seeing his clients thrilled with the finished product

                 Francois J. Interiors
                          Interior Design And Architect  

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